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Birla Shakti – PPC

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Produced by blending OPC with gypsum and high quality fly ash as per BIS specification IS: 1489 – 2015.

Characterised by high compressive strength, workability & durability.

Recommended in projects where heat of hydration is required to be low.

Produces a 28 day strength higher than OPC 53

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  • Brand : Birla Shakti
  • Packaging Type : HDPE Sack Bag
  • Packaging Size : 50 Kg
  • Type : PPC(Pozzolana Portland Cement)
  • Features : Fire Resistant
  • Usage/Application : Industrial,residential and commercial constructions
  • Initial Setting Time : 170 minutes
  • Final Setting Time : 265 minutesBirla Shakti PPC Cement is Fly Ash based blended cement that imparts strength and durability to all structures. Suitable for sheets and pipes of asbestos/non-asbestos based products. Higher resistance to cracks due to low heatof-hydration.



Birla Shakti Cements


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