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Zuari – OPC Grade 53 (Ordinary Portland Cement – Grade 53)

“Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC):
Grade OPC 53
Produced by grinding clinker with gypsum as per BIS specification IS: 269-2015.
Also known by the name ‘grey cement’.
Used to produce pre-stressed & precast concrete with high strength.
Meets BIS requirements of minimum 28 days compressive strength which should not be less than 53 MPa (IS : 269 – 2015).”


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Zuari 53 Grade Cement

1] High early compressive strength
2] Early deshuttering of form works possible
3] Most suitable for high grade concrete {M25 and above}
4] Slender and economical sections can be designed by structural consultants
5] Reeducation in construction time possible
6] Consumption of steed in structural designer

1] General RCC works-high rise residential and commercial structures and industrial structures
2] Precast concrete products-concrete blocks,panels,paver blocks aerated auto clave blocks, railway sleepers
3] Pre stressed concrete components-beams, columns, slabs, silos, chimney, etc
4] Suitable readymix concrete
5] Concreting at low temperature
6] White toping and concrete roads, highways, flyovers.
7] Folded plates and shell roots
8] Suitable for defence structure like bunkers

Zuaricement 53 Grade Technical Specifications

Physical Requirements Requirements as Per IS 12269: 2013 Zuari 53 Grade
 Fineness  Specific Surface (m2/kg)  225(min) 290
 Setting Time  a. Initial minutes)  30 (min) 160
 b. Final (minutes)  600 (max) 210
 Soundness  Expansion of unaerated cement
 a. By LeChatelier Method (mm)  10 (max) 1.0
 b.By Auto Clave (%)  0.8 (max) 0.03
 Compressive Strength  a.72 ± 1 hr i.e. 3 days (M Pa)  27 (min) 37
 b. 168 ± 2 hr i.e. 7 days (M Pa)  37 (min) 48
 c.672 ± 4 hr i.e. 28 days (M Pa)  53 (min) 62



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